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The Zombie Army is the official fan club and street team for Thommy Nekro the Solanum.
Solanum is the virus. The chain reaction inside us all that keeps us going, through hunger, through the pain for mortality, though the weather, through all of nature and society's trials, tribulations and seemingly unfair battles.
Solanum is what drives us to keep pushing and stay hungry. Even outside of zombie and horror culture, I refer to Solanum or The Infection as the overall instinct to find strength in struggle.

I call my fans and supporters ZOMBIES because my fans stick with me through everything. Our bond is beyond death. We all keep moving forward. Broken, battered, rotting, bleeding, oozing with the stench of our past lives, we are all reborn and guided to central causes. That cause is to keep feeding. to tear and chew and claw our way through every obstacle that lies before us.

I cant lead this horde alone. I rely on the aid of my trusted infected warrior brethren. Creep with me, lurk with me, crawl with me. FEED WITH ME.

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There are rankings and levels that will separate you among the rest of your peers , HOWEVER: everyone who supports is family and everyone is appreciated and valued. So the amount of support you put in is what you get back, but I give back and share with all who support at ANY LEVEL.

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    The Infected Lieutenant Package includes all the above PLUS an exclusive patch, your name listed in the credits of my next album, quarterly shipments of FLYERS, POSTERS, and download cards/stickers to help spread the infection, and Yearly Surprise Gifts at Winter Holiday Season.
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